cleanse pack

Due to an increase in demand of the cleanse program’s menu and tools from customers from all around Sweden and from those who are unable to participate in the day-to-day presence that the ”in store Cleanse” requires, Doctor Salad is now offering a Cleanse Pack with the Doctor Salad cleansing tools for those wishing to perform a purifying program on their own.

UPDATE: unfortunately we do not currently send out any cleanse packs

For more information about the Cleanse, click here.

What is the Cleanse Pack?

The Cleanse Pack is (surprise, surprise) a pack filled with the knowledge and tools that you need in order to perform a 5-day cleanse on your own. You will receive all the superfood + green powders needed for your cleansing smoothies plus all the herbal tea for the 5-days. You can use all the cleanse documents over and over again.

What is included in the Cleanse Pack?

In the Cleanse Pack, you will find these following documents – Cleanse Introduction, Pre-Cleanse Information, Post-Cleanse Information, Weekly Overview, Grocery List, Menu and Recipes. It is all the information that you need to understand and perform a purifying cleanse. In addition, you will receive all the superfood powders and herbal teas needed for your first Cleanse Program.

Do you have the right kitchen tools to perform a Cleanse?

In an ideal kitchen-world, you would have a blender, juicer and food processor at home. However, we have structured the cleanse so that if you do not have a juicer, you have the option to mix yourself a smoothie instead.
You do however need a blender that can mix smoothies and purées (if you do not own a food processor).

How much does a Cleanse Pack cost?

The Cleanse Pack costs 429 SEK + ”trackable” postal charge of 59 SEK. For international postal, please contact us.

How to order the Cleanse Pack?

UPDATE: unfortunately we do not currently send out any cleanse packs

Please send an email to (please title the email CLEANSE PACK) and include your name, phone number and delivery address. You will receive a confirmation within a week.